Name Revision Size Age Last Change
abdera 1790392 3 years sebb: Fix broken Attic URL
accumulo 1736120 4 years cml: delete deprecated accumulo site directory (INFRA-11513)
ace 1823293 2 years jani: Add Attic notice
activemq 1760211 3 years jgomes: Apply patch for AMQNET-556 from Stephane Ramet. Thanks Stephane!
airavata 1733550 4 years smarru: Adding documentation links
allura 1692926 5 years brondsem: Remove source from SVN, it is now at
ambari 1871669 2 months mpapirkovskyy: Ambari docs for Ambari 2.7.5
ant 1873014 1 month bodewig: we really use git by now
any23 1854879 12 months lewismc: Update Any23 site for 2.3 release and 2.4-SNAPSHOT Javadoc
apr 1873594 2 weeks minfrin: Don't try to use PROC_PTHREAD by default when cross compiling.
archiva 1829391 2 years martin_s: Adding gitbox repos to README
aries 1855487 11 months sbratton: add v12 Opcode
attic 1870352 3 months buildbot: Automatic Site Publish by Buildbot
aurora 1872126 2 months renan: Reverting the last two changes as the middleman upgrade broke many links
avalon 1663973 5 years markt: Fix download pages on tlp-eu-mid.a.o
avro 1873949 1 week rskraba: Adding project documentation for release 1.9.2.
axis 1873186 4 weeks robertlazarski: remove snapshot from the xmlschema version so the build compiles
beam 1776193 3 years fbarboza: Beam has become a TLP
beehive 1678402 5 years sebb: Fix syntax
bigtop 1650942 5 years evansye: batch sync up the svn site with git site
bloodhound 1872744 1 month gjm: Updates to setup advice
board 1869800 3 months buildbot: Automatic Site Publish by Buildbot
bookkeeper 1802352 3 years zhaijia: change into //
brooklyn 1857283 11 months geomacy: Update download index and verify files to match published website See
bugs 1636922 5 years coreyg: Adding bugs.a.o website
buildr 1795587 3 years donaldp: Publish latest site
bval 1871601 2 months mbenson: CMS commit to bval by mbenson
calcite 1852181 1 year sereda: Site: [CALCITE-2734] Update mongo documentation to reflect filename changes
camel 1863337 7 months zregvart: Refined new site banner
cassandra 1864672 7 months zznate: More information on commit message format. CASSANDRA-15246
cayenne 1815810 2 years ntimofeev: 3.1.2 download links
celix 1848623 1 year rlenferink: Updated links
chemistry 1873164 4 weeks fmui: fixed third-party licences
chukwa 1763925 3 years eyang: CHUKWA-811. Update Site navigation. (Eric Yang)
clerezza 1824728 2 years hasan: CLEREZZA-1017: Update list of tutorials
click 1702975 4 years sebb: Click retierd
climate 1830784 2 years lewismc: Update Website for 1.4.0 release
cloudstack 1724868 4 years jlk: Removing Stratosec from list of orgs running ACS
cocoon 1861975 8 months ilgrosso: ->
comdev 1874352 2 hours projects_role: updating report releases data
commons 1873805 2 weeks bodewig: Compress 1.20
concom 1873741 2 weeks rbowen: Remove the meetups page, which has been unmaintained since about August. Remove links to it.
continuum 1756298 4 years bayard: Adding the Attic banner - given the thousands of pages, I opted to just update the top level files
cordova 1872951 1 month janpio: Updated docs
couchdb 1673541 5 years rnewson: use bintray for mac and windows binaries
creadur 1860917 9 months pottlinger: Upgrade findbugs plugin and change Jenkins job to use java8 profile
crunch 1826381 2 years jwills: Update user guide with new control param
ctakes 1874260 1 day clin: removed a unused import
curator 1863065 7 months shayshim: Update for Curator version 4.2.1-SNAPSHOT
cxf 1831793 2 years dkulp: Update to translate new style code macro HTML to the SyntaxHighlighter format
datafu 1852471 1 year eyal: Add forgotten svn blog post to static content
db 1874175 3 days tv: Formatting, Organize imports
deltacloud 1732610 4 years bayard: Attic banner added to the top of all html files
deltaspike 1873632 2 weeks struberg: Site checkin for project Apache DeltaSpike Site
devicemap 1776871 3 years bayard: Moving banner inside the main tab so the nav doesn't float over it
directmemory 1695646 5 years bayard: Adding retirement banner for DirectMemory
directory 1871658 2 months elecharny: Removed the link around images
drill 1677643 5 years tshiran: Fixes
eagle 1816163 2 years hao: Update v0.5.0
empire-db 1849852 1 year doebele: contributors fix
esme 1690461 5 years hboutemy: added retired category since the project is in Attic
etch 1774127 3 years bayard: Fixing date. Because it seems I don't know what the date is.
excalibur 1672979 5 years bayard: Adding apidocs to Excalibur after it was lost in svnpubsub move
falcon 1731185 4 years pallavi: Fixing a broken link in FalconCLI
felix 1874341 5 hours pauls: Make sure to call the connector again on update to see if there still is a module.
flex 1874117 5 days piotrz: Update MD5 for playerglobal.swc
flink 1673419 5 years mxm: fix broken footer links to documentation
flume 1850765 1 year szaboferee: 1.9.0 release and some minor fixes
forrest 1837027 2 years gmcdonald: Publish website by gmcdonald, try it another way
fundraising 1873797 2 weeks buildbot: Automatic Site Publish by Buildbot
geode 1772809 3 years fbarboza: Geode has become a TLP
geronimo 1873708 2 weeks rmannibucau: jakarta classifier for jsonb
giraph 1851400 1 year dionysios: Changed git repo URL to gitbox
gora 1866533 6 months alfonsonishikawa: Added GoraExplorer to the Related Projects
gump 1874315 15 hours markt: Drop unsupported OpenSSL versions. Rename Tomcat 9. Add Tomcat 10.
hadoop 1852766 1 year xkrogen: Update WhoWeAre who.html and who.pdf with recent build of who.xml
hama 1727216 4 years edwardyoon: update index page
harmony 1204932 8 years tellison: Update DOAP file to point to Attic PMC, and add 'retired' category
hbase 1712505 4 years misty: Published site at ceddec9141b658c790d2fb995c970982ab082028. Added 2 files. Removed 2 files. M...
helix 1873049 1 month hulee: Site checkin for project Apache Helix :: Website
hive 1865996 6 months gates: Hive website update for 3.1.2 release.
hivemind 1634965 5 years coreyg: Adding last of hivemind site to svn for svnpubsub
httpcomponents 1874136 5 days olegk: Updated project web site for HttpCore 5.0 release
httpd 1874350 3 hours minfrin: mpm_event: avoid possible KeepAlveTimeout off by -100 ms. trunk patch:
ibatis 1634969 5 years coreyg: Adding final ibatis site to svn for svnpubsub
ignite 1874329 10 hours dmagda: updated upcoming events page
incubator 1874276 1 day wave: lower minimum count for active podlings from 45 to 40'
infrastructure 1874326 12 hours gstein: remove fax number
isis 1685718 5 years danhaywood: uploading new website, built from asciidoc
jackrabbit 1874327 12 hours reschke: JCR-4519: Update httpcore dependency to 4.4.13 (merged r1872768 into 2.20)
jakarta 1723777 4 years sebb: moving.html has gone
james 1822752 2 years btellier: [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
jclouds 1868683 4 months nacx: deploy jclouds site content
jena 1874233 2 days andy: Cleanup HTML
jmeter 1860830 9 months pmouawad: Bug 63480 - XPathAssertion and XPathAssertion2: Improve test coverage for input coming from varia...
johnzon 1873223 4 weeks rmannibucau: Site checkin for project Apache Johnzon
jspwiki 1786950 3 years juanpablo: force template file publication.
juddi 1823676 2 years alexoree: adding security advisory
kafka 1848068 1 year cmccabe: Add cmccabe as committer
karaf 1873884 2 weeks jbonofre: [scm-publish] Updating main website contents
knox 1870917 3 months pzampino: Corrected Alias API doc for 1.3.0
kylin 1874305 17 hours lidong: Minor fix
labs 1836413 2 years jpgilaberte: Initial commit
lens 1823269 2 years raju: Update docs for 2.7.1 (Fix version in the release and download files)
lenya 1690435 5 years bayard: Updating DOAP given the project is now in the Attic
libcloud 1873343 3 weeks tomaz: Update index page.
logging 1833672 2 years rgoers: Add log4j-scala and log4j-audit
lucene 1874067 6 days uschindler: Remove old CMS 1590563 6 years bodewig: silly commit trying to trigger a staging build
lucy 1836140 2 years hboutemy: [ATTIC-171] retire Lucy to Attic
mahout 1800005 3 years rawkintrevo: no docs
manifoldcf 1873502 3 weeks kwright: Update documentation to describe kerberos enabling
marmotta 1859058 10 months jakob: May 2019 Board Report
maven 1874272 1 day svn-site-role: Site checkin for project Apache Maven Site
mesos 1789330 3 years alexr: Added blog post for Mesos 1.1.1
metamodel 1872486 1 month arjansh: CMS commit to metamodel by arjansh
mina 1860508 9 months elecharny: Udate the web site for teh Apache MINA 2.1.3 release
mrunit 1741838 4 years bayard: Adding Attic banner
myfaces 1874085 5 days weber: 2.4.2 Release Docs
nifi 1874204 2 days joewitt: NIFI-7155 Added 1.11.2 docs to NiFi site.
nutch 1868504 4 months snagel: Reformat code to trigger CMS build bot (INFRA-19278)
ode 1827548 2 years sathwik: 1.3.8 release
ofbiz 1873777 2 weeks jleroux: "Applied fix from trunk framework for revision: 1828233" ---------------------------------------...
olingo 1871975 2 months mibo: CMS commit to olingo by mibo
oltu 1829227 2 years sebb: Retired
onami 1732424 4 years bayard: Updating now that Onami is in the Attic
oodt 1750668 4 years lewismc: Update downloads page for 1.0 release
oozie 1872503 1 month asalamon74: Adding PMC role to asalamon74
openjpa 1872556 1 month ilgrosso: Adding OpenJPA 3.1.0 release notes
openmeetings 1793247 3 years solomax: [OPENMEETINGS-374] file upload, load to WB is enabled only for 'Presenter'
opennlp 1793989 3 years joern: Make logo a bit smaller
openoffice 1874173 3 days mseidel: Small correction
openwebbeans 1874161 4 days rmannibucau: 2.0.15 for owb download page
parquet 1868072 5 months blue: Parquet: fix breadcrumbs in site.
pdfbox 1874334 7 hours tilman: PDFBOX-4783: zero-sized rectangles are not valid, again
perl 1872393 2 months jailletc36: Reverse the order of parameter in t_cmp. It should be "received" first, then "expected", accordin...
phoenix 1873963 1 week chinmayskulkarni: (Nitesh Maheshwari) PHOENIX-5695: Phoenix website should return when child script has er...
pig 1873947 1 week szita: PIG-4764: Make Pig work with Hive 3.1 (szita)
pivot 1870942 3 months rwhitcomb: Update Ant version requirement to 1.10.2 so that we can use the "<javaversion...>" check to allow...
planet 1840396 1 year holden: Add Holden to committers
poi 1874351 2 hours kiwiwings: Remove invalid agile certificate encryption
portals 1858724 10 months taylor: JS2-1370: update java mail dependencies
qpid 1848931 1 year robbie: NO-JIRA: update links to reflect new ASF repo locations following migration to gitbox
quetzalcoatl 1634972 5 years coreyg: Adding index page for quetz for svnpubsub
ranger 1867791 5 months vel: Updated Ranger Logo
rave 1732539 4 years bayard: Dedupe c+p error.
reef 1806473 2 years taegeonum: Update the website for 0.16.0
river 1867765 5 months peter_firmstone: RIVER-358 - Add standard maven directory structure Build structure added for platform tests
roller 1726467 4 years kohei: ROL-2102 RSS Feed related tests fail
samza 1874285 1 day lhaiesp: update website
santuario 1874298 20 hours coheigea: SANTUARIO-524 - Unable to pass Provider to HMAC SignatureMethod
sentry 1843505 1 year spena: Add new PMC and committer members to the people page.
serf 1866477 6 months rhuijben: * SConstruct: Following up on r1833230,r1866470,r1866476 really fix finding apu_version.h
servicemix 1871097 2 months ksobkowiak: [scm-publish] Updating main website contents
shale 1634982 5 years coreyg: Adding shale site for svnpubsbu
shindig 1718380 4 years rbaxter85: Made attic message bigger
shiro 1873155 4 weeks fpapon: Publish release Shiro 1.5.0
singa 1868816 4 months johna: singa has become a TLP
sis 1868745 4 months desruisseaux: Replace "" by "" for avoiding redirection.
sling 1851181 1 year olli: SLING-7486 Remove tags of canceled releases from Subversion and Git repositories
spamassassin 1874343 4 hours gbechis: put [raw]body_part_scan_size documentation in the right section of man page fix bz 7796
spark 1751226 4 years srowen: Remove unused images from Spark site; crush large PNGs; remove obsolete .html _includes
sqoop 1851614 1 year vasas: Updating Git repository URLs.
stanbol 1847921 1 year rharo: Merged PRs for STANBOL-1473 to STANBOL-1476. Kudos to Furkan Karmaci
stdcxx 1595122 6 years bayard: Adding Attic notice
steve 1862550 8 months humbedooh: Properly deal with unicode characters in emails by converting the lot to UTF-8. (TODO: use asfpy??)
storm 1803803 3 years kabhwan: update getting-help to include subscription for issues@
stratos 1783495 3 years bayard: Adding Attic banner to Stratos site
struts 1672658 5 years lukaszlenart: Adds tags
subversion 1874340 5 hours hartmannathan: 1.14 release notes: Document support for building with SWIG 4, Python 3.x. * docs/release-notes/...
synapse 1865401 6 months isudana: Update site to include information on Github
syncope 1871257 2 months ilgrosso: [SYNCOPE-1525] Fixing public / private wording as suggested
systemml 1839376 1 year deron: Move 1.2.0 pythondocs base to docs/1.2.0/api/python/
tajo 1827069 2 years hyunsik: TAJO-2187: Update KEY file and signatures of release artifacts
tapestry 1825329 2 years bobharner: Revert last template.vm fix for Google Search
tcl 1838223 2 years mxmanghi: new repositories for development code download
tez 1856957 11 months kshukla: 0.9.2 update git link in release notes
thrift 1868520 4 months jensg: Release Apache Thrift 0.13.0
tika 1870925 3 months tallison: Update website for 1.23 release.
tiles 1849697 1 year hboutemy: indentation
tinkerpop 1874250 2 days spmallette: Deploy docs for TinkerPop 3.4.6
tomcat 1874319 13 hours markt: Add the 10.x specific file
tomee 1873009 1 month jgallimore: update sitemap
trafficserver 1861546 8 months zwoop: Remove one more reference to IRC
turbine 1872712 1 month gk: - removed id-check in group/permission/role spi managers - hibernate, mysql and other databases m...
tuscany 1755025 4 years bayard: Adding an Attic banner
twill 1873347 3 weeks chtyim: Update Apache Twill site
uima 1874142 5 days pkluegl: UIMA-6183: fix NPE and visibility problems of literal string matches in v3, behavior adapted in o...
unomi 1874140 5 days shuber: Site checkin for project Apache Unomi :: Root Project
usergrid 1697023 5 years coreyg: Usergrid has become a TLP
vcl 1863964 7 months jfthomps: updated download links for KEYS, sigs, and hashes to use https; removed link to MD5 hash
velocity 1873513 3 weeks cbrisson: [site/prod] Push recent changes into production
vxquery 1851095 1 year tillw: Updated site to reflect move to gitbox
webservices 1869484 4 months dkulp: Wagon: Adding site to repository
whirr 1690464 5 years hboutemy: project moved to the Attic: under Attic management and in retired category
wicket 1770157 3 years dashorst: Added Pedro Santos' key
wink 1795090 3 years jani: moved to attic
wookie 1738458 4 years bayard: Adding Attic banner to template
xalan 1859835 9 months mukulg: minor correction to XalanJ docs
xerces 1874195 3 days mukulg: committing minor improvements to xerces-j 2.12.1 release information
xml 1634640 5 years coreyg: bringing into svnpubsub
xmlbeans 1870129 3 months fanningpj: replace some StringBuffers
xmlgraphics 1873909 2 weeks ssteiner: FOP-2911: Add endpage event for FO to IF
zeppelin 1869350 4 months zjffdu: Update doc for docker
zest 1775795 3 years niclas: Changing name from Zest to Polygene. Keeping the release announcement intact as well as the detai...
zookeeper 1815531 2 years phunt: triggering the build again