Name Revision Size Age Last Change
apr 1873594 2 weeks minfrin: Don't try to use PROC_PTHREAD by default when cross compiling.
apr-iconv 1872196 2 months rjung: Happy New Year 2020
apr-util 1872200 2 months rjung: Happy New Year 2020 Backport of r1872195 from trunk resp. r1872199 from 1.7.x.
examples 421474 14 years rooneg: Add a basic echo client example. * echoclient/echoclient.c: New example. * README: Note new exa...
site 1872202 2 months rjung: Regenerate site after copyright year update.
tools 1844905 1 year brane: Ignore SQLite3 on macOS, for some reaseon the DSO is not loaded by the tests.