Name Revision Size Age Last Change
artwork 1417918 7 years aadamchik: adding new twitter icon
dataviews 946642 10 years aadamchik: refreshing DV information * Jiras has moved * making POM independent from Cayenne POM * setting ...
examples 498267 13 years aadamchik: repo migration to TLP
main 1588253 6 years aadamchik: CAY-1925 cayenne-crypto: add optional compression to the encryption pipeline (in progress) don't...
sandbox 1782379 3 years johnthuss: Add more efficient way to add columns to existing tables Simplify database-specific SQL file naming
site 1815810 2 years ntimofeev: 3.1.2 download links
soc 498271 13 years aadamchik: repo migration to TLP