Name Revision Size Age Last Change
ddlutils 1766321 3 years bpendleton: Add information about current DdlUtils status
derby 1873801 2 weeks rhillegas: DERBY-7066: Port 1873800 from docs trunk to 10.15 docs branch.
jdo 1850677 1 year mbo: JDO-775: fix Windows issue when adding dependencies to classpath
ojb 616989 12 years arminw: fix: count query in combination with IN-clause, add missing preprocess(PersistenceBrokerInternal ...
site 1760197 3 years bpendleton: Switch PMC Chair from Myrna to Bryan in Who We Are page.
site-cms 1761830 3 years bpendleton: Remove DdlUtils mailing list links from top-level DB project mailing lists page
torque 1874175 2 days tv: Formatting, Organize imports