Name Revision Size Age Last Change
branches 36220 16 years leosimons: Starting AOP experimentation branch
repository 36223 16 years leosimons: Wrong group id
sandbox 585972 12 years bago: Checking write priviledges... [rollback]
site 1672979 5 years bayard: Adding apidocs to Excalibur after it was lost in svnpubsub move
tags 572255 12 years jheymans: [maven-scm] copy for tag excalibur-3
trunk 1053268 9 years bayard: Updating the DOAP to point to Attic as PMC and mark the project as retired
LICENSE.txt 21175 9.91K 16 years leosimons: license in root
README.txt 21166 6 16 years leosimons: test...