Name Revision Size Age Last Change
benchmark 1726969 4 years ggregory: Add final modifier to local variables.
contrib 1726963 4 years ggregory: Add missing @Override annotations.
gump-trunk 613565 12 years rolandw: updated externals
hc-stylecheck 1794476 3 years ggregory: Ignore Eclipse artifacts.
httpasync 1697560 5 years ggregory: Replace 4.0-alpha5-SNAPSHOT with 4.0.
httpasyncclient 1873025 1 month olegk: Upgraded HttpCore dependency to version 4.4.13; upgraded HttpClient dependency to version 4.5.11
httpclient 1794682 3 years olegk: Upgraded HttpClient version to 5.0-alpha3-SNAPSHOT
httpclient-android 1704783 4 years olegk: Apache HttpClient port for Android discontinued
httpcore 1794666 3 years ggregory: HTTPCORE-465: Update example NHttpReverseProxy to support SSL to origin servers which use self-si...
maven-notice-plugin 1512366 7 years olegk: Added README.txt with a note about the plugin development being discontinued
maven-skin 1074921 9 years sebb: Fix keyword settings
oac.hc3x 1422573 7 years olegk: HTTPCLIENT-1265: Insercure certificate validation CVE-2012-5783 Committing for Alberto Fernández ...
project 1794696 3 years michaelo: Update to proper SCM coordinates
project-4.3.x 1578703 6 years sebb: Allow edits to httpcore and httpclient but not the project tag
project-release-tools 1775582 3 years olegk: Updated src dist CopySpec
project-trunk 1493716 7 years sebb: Add httpasyncclient to externals to agree with module list
project-website 1794811 3 years olegk: Updated project web site for HttpClient 5.0-alpha2 release (corrections)
site 1874379 5 days olegk: Updated project website for HttpClient 5.0 release