Name Revision Size Age Last Change
RETIRED 1586770 6 years sebb: Prepare for possible move of retired podlings
agila 1580198 6 years sebb: Add RETIRED.txt marker file
alois 1088574 9 years flavio: updated changelog for version 1.2.60
annotator 1763553 3 years niq: Create placeholder website for annotator podling.
apisix 1869358 4 months djkevincr: Add apisix sub directory
awf 1296834 8 years slemesle: Fix CI
batchee 1818666 2 years rsandtner: Site checkin for project BatchEE
callback 1229773 8 years pmuellr: update the banner
concerted 1798946 3 years sebb: Add retired redirect
corinthia 1728594 4 years marvin: Corinthia retired, redirect website to status page.
cotton 1728595 4 years marvin: Cotton retired, redirect website to status page.
droids 1712463 4 years marvin: Update to add "retired" category.
graffito 532248 13 years jukka: jcr-mapping: Moved the Graffito JCR Mapping codebase to Jackrabbit
hdt 1615028 6 years rsharma: - updating HDT site
heraldry 526303 13 years recordond: Add latest version of Rails security_extensions plugin from
hise 1580281 6 years sebb: HISE has retired
htrace 1854164 1 year sebb: HTrace retired; dropping site pages
imperius 1580283 6 years sebb: imperius has retired
joshua 1731280 4 years lewismc: Create SVN entry for Apache Joshua (Incubating)
juice 642182 12 years werner: Add sampe eclpise project and classpath filese
kalumet 1714507 4 years marvin: Add RETIRED.txt file to the top of Kalument repo.
kato 908423 10 years monteith: Alter formatting of NOTICE file.
kitty 1400211 7 years kevan: cleanup prior to setting svn to read-only. Add source license headers to a few files missing them
log4cxx 1766278 3 years tschoening: LOGCXX-484: Spelling error s/excute/execute
lokahi 804663 11 years jukka: Add a note about the project being retired.
lucene4c 464312 13 years rooneg: * www/index.html: Note that this isn't being worked on anymore.
milagro 1862188 8 months brianspector: updated doap.rdf
mrql 1854970 12 months sebb: MRQL retired in Aug 2017
myriad 1867205 5 months oscarfmdc: Changed Freenode to Slack
nmaven 1005324 9 years brett: update location of NPanday now that it's a podling and add more detail
npanday 1658289 5 years rvs: Adding a retirement notice
nuvem 1361932 8 years jsdelfino: NUVEM-14 patch. Dulini's initial queue service implementation.
odf 1854971 12 months sebb: The ODF Toolkit project retired from Apache Incubation on 2018-11-27
olio 1183213 8 years shanti: Adding board report for Oct 2011
ooo 1413470 7 years wanglf: Add log for failure screenshot
photark 1405395 7 years bhargav: This commit changes the Flickr Photo UI. Fetches photo, caption and comments and displays it in W...
provisionr 1498882 7 years asavu: Added link to Apache Mirrors on the Releases page
public 1874626 5 hours cos: Update for NLPCraft status (committers are added)
quickstep 1773853 3 years jhyde: Move site
ripple 1728596 4 years marvin: Ripple has retired, redirect website to status page.
s2graph 1856470 11 months steamshon: add docs
s4 1529612 6 years mmorel: updates for new twitter auth scheme + formatting
samoa 1762237 3 years nkourtellis: fixed some issues with new release
sirona 1800942 3 years johndament: Retiring sirona.
slider 1854969 12 months sebb: Slider retired in May 2018; try to redirect - try again
socialsite 790852 11 years mturk: Testing
stonehenge 1580284 6 years sebb: stonehenge has retired
streams 1812563 2 years sblackmon: Site checkin for project Apache Streams
tamaya 1752543 4 years plexus: Mentioned now that Tamaya is still incubating.
tashi 1459529 7 years rgass: initial version of board report for April
taverna 1860709 9 months stain: preprint for vph-share article
toree 1846550 1 year lresende: Update with Toree 0.3.0 release info
triplesoup 583491 12 years leosimons: Note we're dormant
trunk 398773 14 years geirm: undo
tsik 389866 14 years hans: Enhance trust verifiers to perform timestamp based certificate and crl verifications (patch by Go...
wadi 360356 14 years jgenender: Update jspc plugin to 1.2 due to new Maven 2.0.1 classloder changes
wave 1822414 2 years johndament: Retiring wave.
xap 1769326 3 years markt: Commit from Apache Infrastructure Team Ensure browsers interpret this as text/plain rather than t...
xmlbeanscxx 542823 13 years tw:
yoko 590793 12 years rickmcguire: Fix plexus build problem by removing the apache snapshot repository from the plugin repositories ...
zetacomponents 1241868 8 years jpic: - Enabled 2 test cases (11 tests) in Archive component
REPO-ORGANISATION.txt 374986 770 14 years leosimons: Some notes to help people like me from getting lost.