Name Revision Size Age Last Change
bond 1610777 6 years manolo: Fix NPE when james does not have domains, users or aliases
current 1707301 4 years aduprat: JAMES-1621 James server modules merge. Contributed by Matthieu Baechler
hupa 1818266 2 years dongxu: Remove 404 repository, add jboss repository for cobogw.
imap 1327843 8 years eric: Inform of imap move to protocols on the website (PROTOCOLS-73)
jdkim 1679499 5 years eric: JDKIM should use latest version of mailet and mime4j, contributed by Benoit Tellier (JDKIM-34)
jsieve 1722972 4 years btellier: JSIEVE-73 Mailet adapter should rely on mime4j/james-utils to match against mail content
jspf 1679500 5 years eric: JSPF should use latest version of james parent, contributed by Benoit Tellier (JSPF-98)
mailbox 1705251 4 years btellier: MAILBOX-252 Remove debug System.out from JPASubscriptionManagerTest
mailet 1686793 5 years btellier: MAILET-95 Use FileUtils when deleting files - Contributed by Antoine Duprat
mime4j 1722970 4 years btellier: JSIEVE-73 Factorize code for message body matching
mpt 1704796 4 years btellier: MPT-27 Upgrade to HBase 0.94 to handle -- contributed by Raphael Ouazana
nntp 1147757 9 years felixk: Cleanup / Use skin for Apache Branding in Navigation. See JAMES-1289
postage 1429302 7 years eric: Fix compilation failure due to pom and new commons-configuration (POSTAGE-25)
project 1729094 4 years felixk: Time to go Emeritus
protocols 1704568 4 years btellier: PROTOCOLS-108 Adding Quota responses encoders
server 1704793 4 years btellier: JAMES-1622 Upgrade to HBase 0.94 to handle -- contributed by Raphael Ouazana
site 1761543 3 years rouazana: Add new logo
site-cms 1458675 7 years ieugen:
skin 1822752 2 years btellier: [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
trunk 1350121 8 years ppalaga: