Name Revision Size Age Last Change
branches 1873777 1 week jleroux: "Applied fix from trunk framework for revision: 1828233" ---------------------------------------...
cmssite 1576470 6 years jacopoc: Initial setup for the cms site; template exported from
ofbiz-framework 1869186 4 months mthl: Improved: Update checkstyle max error count
ofbiz-plugins 1869102 4 months jleroux: Improved: no functional change We use HSTS but anyway replaces HTTP by HTTPS in some data.
old-site 1806496 2 years deepak: Moved ofbiz site to old-site
site 1873710 2 weeks jacopoc: Publish security vulnerability disclosure.
tags 1873365 3 weeks jacopoc: Tag for Release apache-ofbiz-16.11.07
tools 1868174 4 months jleroux: Updates dependency-check-report.html