Name Revision Size Age Last Change
artwork 1485533 7 years simonetripodi: Onami has become a TLP
branches 1485533 7 years olamy: Onami has become a TLP
committers 1609479 6 years sclassen: added PGP key for Stephan Classen (sclassen)
pmc 1495678 7 years simonetripodi: added email addresses template removed .incubator
sandbox 1595929 6 years sclassen: onami-persist: removed declaration of RuntimeException in method signature
site 1732424 4 years bayard: Updating now that Onami is in the Attic
tags 1633051 5 years sclassen: [maven-release-plugin] copy for tag org.apache.onami.persist-1.0.1
trunk 1707068 4 years sclassen: ONAMI-118: add missing @Inject