Name Revision Size Age Last Change
board 1715671 4 years ppoddar: Board reort 2015 Nov
branches 1839943 1 year ilgrosso: [OPENJPA-2567] various MySql and MariaDB text types support is added - thanks @solomax
eclipse 979843 10 years dwoods: renaming
sandboxes 1727495 4 years rmannibucau: applying OPENJPA-2607
site 1872556 1 month ilgrosso: Adding OpenJPA 3.1.0 release notes
tags 1833496 2 years ilgrosso: Renaming tag after release, as agreed on ML
tools 1033704 9 years curtisr7: OPENJPA-1844: Fix hit and read columns in jconsole plugin.
trunk 1842686 1 year solomax: [OPENJPA-2751] imports, @Overrides and @Deprecated are organized, redundant type arguments and un...
KEYS 1544230 42.75K 6 years struberg: adding my release key (