Name Revision Size Age Last Change
branches 1865165 7 months jim: Also backport here as well
branding 1840156 1 year mseidel: Original artwork from Chris Rottensteiner with fixed TM (converted to paths)
devtools 1871692 2 months mseidel: Updated build environment
ooo-site 1874548 2 days marcus: Updated download numbers for February
pmc 1852960 1 year mseidel: Removed drafts
site 1874403 6 days pescetti: Use the new Apache archives from
symphony 1435127 7 years robweir: Remove reference to the redundant file list in the SGA which was confusing for some. We should r...
tags 1856382 11 months jim: Tag HEAD of AOO42X branch as AOO420-Dev-m1 (1st developer preview)
test 1615039 6 years steve_y:
trunk 1864263 7 months mseidel: Cleaned up whitespace, reordered Increase/Decrease Indent in sidebar
updates-site 1867682 5 months mseidel: Update feed for AOO 4.1.6 to 4.1.7
DISCLAIMER 1435782 933 7 years robweir:
README 1518013 1.23K 7 years robweir: remove obsolete trunk-orig directory, moving the old Mercurial import scripts into devtools/hg2svn