Name Revision Size Age Last Change
applications 1857061 11 months woonsan: APA-75: upgrading snakeyaml to 1.23 the latest
bridges 1675763 5 years taylor: removing old maven-1 artifacts
jetspeed-1 723412 11 years taylor: Time for retirement. I published this to, it should replicate soon
jetspeed-2 1858724 10 months taylor: JS2-1370: update java mail dependencies
pluto 1596861 6 years jfarrell: Portals README for git migration
portals-pom 1669678 5 years taylor: [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
portlet-spec 1691464 5 years taylor: [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
site 1858169 10 months asfgriff: PLUTO-716 Committing site changes associated with the Pluto 3.1.0 release
site-live 1858723 10 months taylor: update contributor list
wsrp4j 657288 12 years esm: Fixing invalid Spring app context.
KEYS 1670499 31K 5 years taylor: adding latest gnupg v2 key to portals KEYS file
doap_portals.rdf 1327016 3.81K 8 years ate: PORTALS-22: adding portals DOAP file