Name Revision Size Age Last Change
attic 1578883 6 years jfarrell: Moving Rave tags for git migration.
donations 1305402 8 years ate: Promote rave to a TLP -- INFRA-4573
etc 1404066 7 years ate: RAVE-6 logo design PSD, see also RAVE-389
rave-master-pom 1553209 6 years mfranklin: [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
rave-trunks 1306602 8 years ate: Update rave-trunks svn:externals to new TLP svn location
release-management 1478507 7 years mfranklin: Fixed dist to use jpa
sandbox 1488491 7 years cgeer: Updated to support Rave 0.21.1
site 1732539 4 years bayard: Dedupe c+p error.
KEYS 1463298 82.85K 7 years erinnp: Added Erin Noe-Payne to KEYS
README 1578884 298 6 years jfarrell: Adding README for Rave git migration
doap.rdf 1729490 3.09K 4 years hboutemy: Rave is retired to Attic