Name Revision Size Age Last Change
artwork 1069292 9 years sijskes: River now a TLP
attic 1069292 9 years sijskes: River now a TLP
extra 1069292 9 years gtrasuk: River now a TLP
jtsk 1867765 5 months peter_firmstone: RIVER-358 - Add standard maven directory structure Build structure added for platform tests
ldj-tests 1234443 8 years peter_firmstone: River-32 The Jini spec tests inside the qa suite used used to be called tck, so to avoid any con...
permission_delegates 1394888 7 years peter_firmstone: upload delegate implementations
river-examples 1694732 5 years gtrasuk: [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
river-rt-tools 1645730 5 years gtrasuk: Start package now references the correct message bundle, and can start the browser example succes...
site 1827149 2 years zkuti: - alerts for helping hands - long due changes in people added - success stories - a resource and ...
doap_river.rdf 1725870 2.89K 4 years gtrasuk: doap_river.rdf is not specific to the jtsk and shouldn't be in the jtsk trunk repository.