Name Revision Size Age Last Change
branches 1845547 1 year lgo: * branches/1.4.x/STATUS: Vote for and approve the r1844834, r1844837 changes.
site 1796438 3 years astieger: Add ABI compatibility timeline to website, documentation section. Generated using/for r1796434.
tags 1758196 4 years rhuijben: Tag Serf 1.3.9
tools 1844897 1 year brane: Update the scripts for the macOS builder.
trunk 1866477 6 months rhuijben: * SConstruct: Following up on r1833230,r1866470,r1866476 really fix finding apu_version.h
wiki 1699068 9 years gstein: Edited wiki page SerfStatus through web user interface.
README 1700146 52.21K 5 years rhuijben: Add a bit more history.