Name Revision Size Age Last Change
archetypes 1434520 7 years jbonofre: [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
attic 941861 10 years jbonofre: Create the attic to host old and deprecated sub projects.
components 1586054 6 years janstey: SMXCOMP-981 - update components to use jetty 8
documentation 1730133 4 years ksobkowiak: revertion Karaf upgrade causing problems while generating the docs
m2-repo 1677287 5 years jbonofre: Add quickfixj-all 1.6.0 artifacts
maven-plugins 1711225 4 years ksobkowiak: [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
sandbox 1853729 1 year kiwiwings: provide updated poi and xmlbeans modules and their dependencies
scripts 1625739 5 years gertv: A few updates to the release helper scripts
servicemix-pom 1124129 9 years ningjiang: Fixed the email typo of my last commit
site 1871097 2 months ksobkowiak: [scm-publish] Updating main website contents
smx3 1374745 8 years gertv: Remove reference to missing banner_mountains.jpg from CSS file
smx4 1658613 5 years ffang: [SMX4-1962]add for next round release
smx5 1582183 6 years gertv: SM-2269: Install camel-jms component out-of-the-box
utils 1433609 7 years gertv: [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
website 1871096 2 months ksobkowiak: ServiceMix december report draft
KEYS 1661203 30.74K 5 years ksobkowiak: Adding key
doap.rdf 1676012 3.53K 5 years ksobkowiak: doap.rdf corrected