Name Revision Size Age Last Change
board 1861175 9 months bdemers: adding shiro report 2019-06
branches 1733639 4 years bdemers: Removing toolchain plugin config (it is causing problems with CI) builds.apache is misconfigured...
cms 1430438 7 years joes: whitespace to trigger site build
import 1005670 11 years adc: Shiro is tlp now
sandbox 1147961 9 years adc: Cleanup
site 1874433 4 days fpapon: Publish release Shiro 1.5.1
site-template 1375102 8 years lhazlewood: locking down normalize.css version
tags 1689790 5 years kaosko: configure toolchains plugin to require jdk 1.6 while being able to deploy with a newer jdk becaus...
trunk 1733655 4 years bdemers: enabling core test jar to fix broken builds
KEYS 1573431 15.48K 6 years bdemers: adding bdemers's pgp key
STATUS 1005670 3K 9 years lhazlewood: Shiro is tlp now