Name Revision Size Age Last Change
admin 1477058 7 years veithen: Removed some useless tags/branches directories originally created by cvs2svn.
archive 1559742 6 years dkulp: Move tcpmon to archive
axiom 1858616 10 months veithen: Add release note for 1.2.23.
axis 1454094 7 years veithen: Removed the site sources for the Japanese Axis 1.x site. Nobody is going to maintain that.
commons 1684746 5 years veithen: Delete Axiom tag created in incorrect location.
muse 1342863 8 years sagara: Move Muse to WS attic.
neethi 1861327 9 months coheigea: Making sure an inputstream is closed
parent 1844657 1 year veithen: [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
site 1707898 4 years veithen: Fix the links to the XmlSchema 2.0 site and remove the links to the old XmlSchema 1.4 site.
website 1869484 4 months dkulp: Wagon: Adding site to repository
woden 1805569 3 years veithen: Fix build failures on Java 8 when the apache-release profile is enabled.
wss4j 1868861 4 months coheigea: Disallow external DTDs
xmlschema 1860436 9 months coheigea: XMLSCHEMA-56 - Element defined in a base type sometimes isn't visited by an XmlSchemaWalker's vis...