Name Revision Size Age Last Change
axkit 447510 13 years matts: Bug fix for __mk_expr_node lacking is_xml flag
crimson 313192 18 years edwingo: Fix 2434 Crimson claims not to support features it does support
security 999697 9 years sebb: Add details of new SVN URLs
site 1634640 5 years coreyg: bringing into svnpubsub
stylebook 313293 15 years jeremias: "enum" is now a Java reserved word (since JDK 1.5). Should fix Gump failure.
xang 313054 19 years mdierken: Change name of config setting for main .xap file from Xap.rootFile to
xindice 1425269 7 years bayard: Updating DOAP per Attic process