Name Revision Size Age Last Change
head 358237 34 minutes kevans: bsdbox: fix build We've grown to also require libthr and libprivatestd to be explicitly linked i...
projects 358179 1 day dim: Merge ^/head r358131 through r358178.
release 354337 4 months gjb: Tag releng/12.1@r354233 as release/12.1.0 (12.1-RELEASE). Approved by: re (implicit) Sponsored b...
releng 357220 3 weeks gordon: Add UPDATING entries and bump version. Approved by: so
stable 358232 6 hours dim: MFC r358074: Fix the following -Werror warning from clang 10.0.0: sys/arm/allwinner/clkng/aw_cl...
svnadmin 358008 5 days jrm: Take in commit bit of Gábor Kovesdan (gabor) for safe keeping Approved by: core (implicit)
user 358161 2 days pho: Added a submitted test scenario.
vendor 358126 2 days bapt: Tag import of ncurses 6.2-20200215
vendor-crypto 357934 1 week emaste: Tag OpenSSH 8.0p1.
vendor-sys 357928 1 week jkim: Tag ACPICA 20200214.
ROADMAP.txt 285589 1.73K 5 years delphij: Chase svn -> repo change.