Name Revision Size Age Last Change
amd64_xen_pv 270697 6 years cherry: Flag on stack frame that segment registers have been saved. This now completes FreeBSD/Xen pv br...
arm64 274433 5 years andrew: Start to support _setjmp/_longjmp on arm64
arm_eabi 245656 7 years andrew: MFC to r245655
arm_eabi_vfp 263639 6 years andrew: MFC
arm_intrng 277696 5 years andrew: MFC to r277695
armv6 239267 8 years gonzo: Specify architecture explicitely
ath_hal 185470 11 years sam: purge useless code
bectl 337662 2 years kevans: libbe(3)/bectl(8): More SYSROOT/GCC build fixes - Missing include path - Fully specify libzfs's ...
bhyve 245569 7 years neel: IFC @ r245542
bhyve_graphics 300829 4 years grehan: Initial bhyve native graphics support. This adds emulations for a raw framebuffer device, PS2 ke...
bhyve_npt_pmap 256037 6 years neel: IFC
bhyve_ref 221905 9 years grehan: bhyve import part 2 of 2, guest kernel changes. This branch is now considered frozen: future bhyv...
bhyve_svm 273363 5 years neel: IFC @r273338
bigbb 232746 8 years jkim: Refine DIOCSPC98 to make it more like DIOCBSDBB and remove hardcoded BBSIZE.
binutils-2.17 218817 9 years dim: Sync: merge r218746 through r218816 from ^/head.
bmake 284293 5 years sjg: Reorganize targets/pseudo/userland This target mainly exists to help check things build. Eventua...
bpfjit 244011 7 years jkim: Fix an unnecessary style change in the previous commit.
bsd_rdma_4_9 326168 2 years hselasky: Fix for multi-threaded lib32 compat build on amd64. Sponsored by: Mellanox Technologies
bsd_rdma_4_9_stable_11 331667 2 years hselasky: Revert r315672 from SDP. This change is not yet available in 11-stable. Sponsored by: Mellanox T...
bsnmp-ipv6-mib 316270 3 years ngie: Filter bsnmpd messages properly to /var/log/bsnmpd.log
cambria 195169 11 years sam: clone head for more cambria work
capabilities8 208721 10 years rwatson: Merge c179063 from the p4 TrustedBSD Capabilities branch to capabilities8: 179048 removed an '...
cider 246383 7 years alfred: Hook to not build make(1) static on OS X.
clang-sparc64 262612 6 years dim: Merge from head up to r262611.
clang-trunk 287505 4 years dim: Update lldb to upstream trunk r242221.
clang1000-import 358406 2 days dim: Fix the following -Werror warning from clang 10.0.0: sys/arm/arm/identcpu-v6.c:227:5: error: mis...
clang350-import 276476 5 years dim: Merge ^/head r274961 through r276475.
clang360-import 280033 5 years dim: One last sync-up with head.
clang370-import 288928 4 years dim: Fixup mergeinfo on contrib/ipfilter.
clang380-import 296412 4 years dim: Put the tentative merge-back date in
clang390-import 309123 3 years dim: Merge ^/head r309118 through r309122.
clang391-import 310192 3 years dim: Put a tentative import date in and UPDATING.
clang400-import 314524 3 years dim: Bump __FreeBSD_version, and set tentative merge date.
clang500-import 321352 3 years dim: Bash Subversion over the head until it submits.
clang600-import 327933 2 years dim: And another whack with the cluestick for Subversion.
clang700-import 341823 1 year dim: Set tentative merge date, and add UPDATING note.
clang800-import 344778 12 months dim: Merge ^/head r343202 through r344777.
clang900-import 353352 5 months dim: Fixup mergeinfo on contrib/llvm which Subversion managed to mess up.
diffused_head 259958 6 years emaste: Remove < 0 test of unsigned variable Sponsored by: The FreeBSD Foundation
dtrace 261704 6 years gnn: Create a branch for fixing and upgrading DTrace.
elftoolchain 261245 6 years kaiw: MFH@261244.
enhanced_coredumps 204346 10 years alfred: Enhanced process coredump routines. This brings in the following features: 1) Limit number of co...
etc_ipv6 208126 10 years dougb: Add support for ipv6_prefer=AUTO. If there is no external IPv6 interface configured then IPv4 wil...
flex-sf 250688 7 years jkim: Always include stdint.h to work around broken flexint.h and regen.
fuse 241453 7 years attilio: MFC @ r238400
fuse2 350955 7 months asomers: fusefs: skip some tests when unsafe aio is disabled MFC after: 16 days MFC-With: r350665 Sponsor...
geom-events 242913 7 years lev: Merge from /head
geom_raid5 188101 11 years lulf: - Try and make the use of , consistent, as it varies with spacing and not spacing. Putting a sp...
graid 220208 9 years mav: Remove unused assignments and variables. Found with: Clang Static Analyzer
hastd_wan 223144 9 years sobomax: "HAST currently doesn't support 'async' mode, so working over WAN is not common use case for now...
head_mfi 233621 8 years ambrisko: Now that mfi(4) header files uses the absolute number of entries to make the mfi_array 288 bytes,...
hid 225836 8 years mav: MFC
hps_callouts 352142 6 months hselasky: Compile fixes for LINT. Sponsored by: Mellanox Technologies
hwpmc 261703 6 years gnn: Create a branch for working on and reworking hwpmc.
hyperv 255464 6 years grehan: IFC @ r255459
ifnet 287533 4 years glebius: Sort if.h to reduce ifdef mess: - POSIX declarations go first, then go BSD_VISIBLE ones: userlan...
ifq 257890 6 years andre: Merge r257529 into sys/dev/ifq_ixgbe.c. Sponsored by: The FreeBSD Foundation
ino64 276122 5 years gleb: Regen syscalls.
intel_net_refactor 291675 4 years sbruno: Import version 7.2.4 of the Intel FreeBSD Driver, em(4) from int...
iosched 292414 4 years imp: Merge from current @r292413
ipfw 272837 5 years melifaro: Remove mergeinfo from sys/gnu/dts/arm to deal with Missing ranges: /head/sys/gnu/dts/arm:271140
ipsec 313313 3 years ae: Merge from head/.
iscsi_opt 235248 8 years kmacy: don't overwrite RELEASE_SIMQ from status
jailconf 232242 8 years jamie: Use the defvs_ruleset paramater when mounting a jail's /dev, instead of a mount.devfs.ruleset pse...
jbuild 227592 8 years obrien: Additional 8.x compatibility.
jeff_mbuf 188121 11 years jeff: Initial import of ongoing mbuf work - Introduce a m_size field to simplify a great number of mac...
jeff_mbuf2 191958 11 years jeff: - Merge in changes from jeff_mbuf with one addition. - In m_refm() make all referenced data ava...
krb5 345498 11 months cy: MFH to r345497.
kyua-use-googletest-test-interface 345978 11 months ngie: MFhead@r345977
libpcap-update 229632 8 years wxs: Bring tcpdump build stuff in.
libprocstat 200595 10 years stas: - Merge from HEAD.
libzfs_core 248551 7 years mm: Release hold on pool before calling zvol_create_minor()
lld-import 280718 5 years dim: Link lld to ld.lld, so you can use -fuse-ld=lld with clang.
lldb-r201577 262500 6 years emaste: Update LLDB snapshot to upstream r202189 Highlights include: - Support hardware watchpoints on ...
lua-bootloader 281240 5 years rpaulo: lua: remove '\n' in print() calls. Lua's print() function already prints a new line.
lwref 284411 5 years glebius: Merge head r269375 through r284408.
mbuf_iovec 257931 6 years adrian: Convert another couple of mbuf m_data/m_len fiddling points to use the new methods. Sponsored by...
mips64-clang 306643 3 years sbruno: MFC r306637
mtree 245810 7 years brooks: Revert the use of install -U in middle stages. If the install flags part of the NO_ROOT implement...
multi-fibv6 232993 8 years bz: IF7 @ r232985. Sponsored by: Cisco Systems, Inc.
nand 235533 8 years gber: IFC @235530
net80211_testsuite 238946 8 years monthadar: Modified test 9 to test ping between each node at the end.
nfs-over-tls 358056 2 weeks rmacklem: Update rpctlscd so that the "-t" option can be used to strip off the 478 bytes of server->client ...
nfsv4-packrats 250924 7 years rmacklem: Add two generic i/o calls to vfs_subr.c that are required by the new packrats code.
nfsv42 355675 3 months rmacklem: Merge in an up to date kernel from head.
numa 266682 6 years attilio: - Don't force FT for UMA zones, but allow a method to specify an allocation/free policy via sel...
numa2 322417 3 years markj: MFH at r322416.
ofed 219809 9 years jeff: - merge ofed base to ofed head
onewire 226077 8 years thompsa: Add the OpenBSD onewire stack as a work in progress. A DS18B20 attaches as owtemp0 and reads the...
openssl111 339259 1 year emaste: Regenerate ssh_namespace.h for OpenSSL 1.1.1 update
paravirt 276653 5 years bryanv: IFC @ r276652
pf 264198 6 years mm: Execute pf_overload_task() in vnet context. Fixes a vnet kernel panic. Reviewed by: trociny
physbio 246690 7 years kib: The siis dma load callback siis_dmasetprd() does not handle the case nsegs == 0. Restore the dire...
pkgtools 194370 11 years stas: - Empty SVN repository for pkgtools development.
pmac_pmu 279308 5 years jhibbits: Use the power management subsystem, overloading APM, for suspending, instead of a sysctl. This u...
pms 285660 5 years benno: Enable pms module on amd64 for now.
pnet 193227 11 years rwatson: Merge r193031-r193225 from head to projects/pnet following netisr2 merge.
pnfs-planb-server 338704 1 year rmacklem: Delete this project source tree since the up to date sources are now in head/current.
pnfs-planb-server-stable11 338703 1 year rmacklem: Delete this projects tree, since the up to date code is now in head/current.
pnfs-server 298158 4 years rmacklem: Fix a possible memory leak for a case when the new layout wouldn't be used and needs to be free'd...
portbuild 258253 6 years linimon: Update supported FreeBSD branches.
powernv 327363 2 years nwhitehorn: IFC @ r327361
ppc_linuxemu 210851 10 years grehan: IFC @ r210849
random_number_generator 273905 5 years markm: Retire the /dev/random development branch.
release-mips 289427 4 years gjb: MFH r283752-r289426 Sponsored by: The FreeBSD Foundation
release_6_3_xen 188351 11 years kmacy: fixing netfront build without witness and reboot handling
releng_6_xen 216020 9 years sbruno: IFV this branch in preparation to merge from Yahoo source
releng_7_xen 192005 11 years kmacy: convert xen console lock to a spin lock to handle case of being called from interrupt context
routing 290973 4 years melifaro: Merge HEAD r290858 to r290867
routing_mpath 331530 2 years melifaro: Branch for bringing proper multipath to the networking stack.
rrs_mqueue 267353 6 years rrs: Add my Lock-Less-Often changes to this project branch
rrs_socrypto_tls 273339 5 years rrs: Down sync from head. > Description of fields to fill in above: 76 columns --...
rtentry_cache 235341 8 years kmacy: Commit current state of rtentry patch.
runtime-coverage-v2 350672 7 months ngie: MFhead@r350671
specific_leg 263659 6 years andrew: MFC
stable_7_xen 222192 9 years sbruno: Update from Yahoo BSD 7 branch. This captures updates from FreeBSD -HEAD Obtained from: Yahoo! ...
suj 211161 10 years jeff: - Somehow my last commit omitted this change. Reported by: Mark Saad
sv 258611 6 years markj: Change the "netdump" DDB command to call doadump() when netdump is enabled, rather than calling n...
umtx 254656 7 years davide: Remove redundant function prototypes (they're already in the header). While here remove a debuggi...
utrace2 246782 7 years alfred: Allow utrace2 to be turned on, or old utrace via malloc config.
vap7 189410 11 years sam: merge r189380: add a sysctl to ena/dis frobbing cca
varsym 228821 8 years brooks: Merge from HEAD at r228312.
virtio 261185 6 years bryanv: IFC @ r261184
vmxnet 262388 6 years bryanv: Misc. vmx(4) cleanup of the multiple Rx/Tx queue support
vnet 302301 4 years bz: Add various shell scripts and the initial conductor tests (which did not work reliably--which is ...
vps 257012 6 years will: Sync with r204. This is the current upstream commit. r204 | klaus | 2013-0...
vxlan 272267 5 years bryanv: - Convert to if_inc_counter() - Replace rwlocks with rmlocks - Drop packets with any reserved ...
x2apic 262938 6 years neel: IFC @r262929
zfsd 329840 2 years asomers: apply PEP8 style to a python helper script Sponsored by: Spectra Logic Corp
GUIDELINES.txt 235275 3.23K 8 years uqs: Update guidelines on user/ and projects/ The goal is to make it clearer where future branches sh...