Name Revision Size Age Last Change
adrian 252433 7 years adrian: MFH
ae 271652 5 years ae: Fix build after merge.
alc 319931 3 years alc: MFH
alfred 248541 7 years alfred: MFC to prep for phase II: Linux-like kpi and api.
andre 257866 6 years andre: Bring TCP-AO closer to functional completion. Remaining rough edges will be fixed in upcoming co...
asomers 334355 2 years asomers: user/asomers/style9: automatic style verifier This python script can automatically detect many c...
attilio 268426 6 years attilio: Merge from head.
avg 222061 9 years avg: smp rendezvous: remove unneeded memory barriers
bapt 314959 3 years bapt: Update the manpage to reflect reality
brooks 238996 8 years brooks: Merge from head through r238992.
bryanv 254233 7 years bryanv: MFC @ r254232
bugmeister 246977 7 years linimon: Checkpoint of GNATS metadata from production on In theory these correspond ...
bz 267241 6 years bz: IFH@r267239 Update the branch to latest HEAD which includes a new version of unbound. Resolve co...
cperciva 358295 5 days gordon: Add 12.1-RELEASE Prodded by: kevans
crees 271323 5 years crees: descexists should become true
davidxu 233443 8 years davidxu: Use optimistic version of THR_LOCK_RELEASE which is better when lock is contented.
dchagin 293472 4 years dchagin: Removing obsolete lemul branch
delphij 281757 5 years delphij: MFV r277431,281755: Reduce ARC lock contention by using finer grained locking in the ARC LRU lis...
des 334117 2 years des: Fix statement link on voting page for candidates with no slogan, cf. r333692.
dfr 190546 11 years dfr: Move initialisation of the balloon a bit later to make sure xenbus is up.
dim 287682 4 years dim: Get rid of the merge tests again.
dougb 241090 7 years dougb: Due to improvements in the efficiency of portmaster's method of killing background processes when...
ed 282938 5 years ed: Remove the Newcons branch. This code has been integrated into HEAD.
edwin 211835 10 years edwin: Do only the years once :-) Add a note to the man-page on how to use the years.
eri 204245 10 years eri: Add files that I missed during MFH.
fabient 197319 10 years fabient: git branch to svn
gabor 241808 7 years gabor: - Merge some minor changes
gad 193132 11 years gad: Starting point for changes to add "or"-ish support via multiple lines (for a single file-to-rotat...
gavin 241771 7 years gavin: Create user area
gjb 341015 1 year gjb: Resync thermite with the re@ version: - upload_ec2_ami(): - Set EC2PUBLICSNAP - Set EC2SNSTOPI...
glebius 263263 6 years glebius: Bad cut-n-paste typo.
gnn 241557 7 years gnn: Create a work area for testing out GEOM direct dispatch changes.
gonzo 261008 6 years gonzo: Import bugzilla/freebsd integration stuff
hrs 259160 6 years hrs: Catch up with head.
imp 296072 4 years imp: First cut at xpt_async and xpt_register_async man pages.
jceel 289143 4 years jceel: Sync key definitions with Linux.
jchandra 233508 8 years jchandra: Resource allocation for XLP SoC SDHCI slots The on-chip SD slots do not have PCI BARs correspond...
jeff 334127 2 years jeff: Merge from head
jimharris 244229 7 years jimharris: Add ioat driver and test tool. ioat is also referred to as Crystal Beach DMA and is a Platform S...
jmallett 232796 8 years jmallett: Remove my personal Octeon branch, which is on the order of a year and a half without update.
jmmv 271566 5 years jmmv: Push r271565 to kyua2 and kyua3. Tested (pre-commit) on kyua1 and confirmed working.
keramida 185209 11 years keramida: Merge FreeBSD-specific changes and bootstrap mergeinfo from /head.
kib 207315 10 years kib: The reserved page cannot be used by anybody other there, so clear PG_UNMANAGED slightly earlier (...
kmacy 208125 10 years kmacy: minimize trylock restarts by tracking generation counter
lstewart 207267 10 years lstewart: Relevant bits now in head except for some regression testing code which will follow later. Branch...
luigi 230582 8 years luigi: sync with HEAD
lulf 184032 11 years lulf: - Add my usr directory.
marcel 286996 5 years marcel: o Add vdsk_trim() to support BOP_DELETE. o Reorder arguments to vdsk_read() and vdsk_write() ...
markj 333148 2 years markj: MFH at r333147.
mjacob 247552 7 years mjacob: IFC@247551
mlaier 186173 11 years mlaier: merge recent head changes: arp-v2, vimage switch
mr 219466 9 years mr: Add ficl 4.0.31
netchild 234301 8 years netchild: This was intendet to be a 2-clause license.
ngie 348046 9 months ngie: MFhead@r348045
np 277955 5 years np: Retire old branch. All significant changes were folded into the main tree a long time ago.
nwhitehorn 355259 3 months nwhitehorn: Checkpoint rtsx(4) bring-up. Now can communicate a little with the card, but hitting some checksu...
nyan 221739 9 years nyan: Remove my repo.
obrien 255482 6 years obrien: Branch for a WIP.
peter 194308 11 years peter: Test commit
peterj 251836 7 years peterj: Initial work-in-progress commit of a cpow(3) implementation. This implements a subset of the des...
pgollucci 212598 9 years pgollucci: See instead
pho 358458 4 hours pho: Added a timeout and an error exit to this test.
piso 191123 11 years piso: Make AliasHandlePptpGreOut & AliasHandlePptpGreIn mbuf safe.
qingli 185926 11 years qingli: use the /base/projects/arpv2_merge_1 tree instead
rafan 184800 11 years rafan: - Update ncurses to 5.7-20081102 (5.7 release)
rpaulo 249165 7 years rpaulo: Test commit.
sam 188169 11 years sam: explicitly add these
sbruno 283993 5 years sbruno: MFH @283991
simon 220973 9 years simon: Add test file to test svn...
syuu 255200 6 years syuu: forgot to add bpfq.h, now commited
thompsa 208057 10 years thompsa: Unused branch.
uqs 357732 3 weeks uqs: ... and delete the model, because we currently no longer use it. Coverity apparently got smarter...
weongyo 215346 9 years weongyo: Stopping / draining the callout should happen first to make sure that the task wouldn't be enqueu...
GUIDELINES.txt 235275 1.7K 8 years uqs: Update guidelines on user/ and projects/ The goal is to make it clearer where future branches sh...