Name Revision Size Age Last Change
admin 69513 25 years mckusick: Carnegie-Mellon => Carnegie Mellon (per cgd)
bin 69809 25 years christos: added string.h
contrib 69504 25 years bostic: unistd.h for optarg
etc 69694 25 years bostic: mroe standalone changes -- still not right, but close enough for now
games 69460 25 years mkm: unistd.h for optarg
include 69551 25 years mckusick: srandom and initstate take longs rather than ints
lib 69784 25 years dab: Code cleanup, use mem*() instead of b*()
libexec 69964 25 years eric: close passwd file before setuid -- for paranoia
local 65103 26 years mckusick: copyediting for Usenix manuals
old 69113 25 years bostic: It failed to compile on the sparc because `swapresponse' was ifdef'ed on vax, sun, i386 (but not ...
sbin 69977 25 years mckusick: add umount.8 manual page
share 69379 25 years tef: port@host is the preferred syntax
sys 69978 25 years pendry: bandaid to avoid unlock panic until we do it right; trivia: this was the final delta done by CSRG
usr.bin 69887 25 years christos: - posix compliance: Don't create .[A-Z]* targets - support for .PHONY targets
usr.sbin 69976 25 years eric: debugging patches; minor long class name patches
Makefile 63575 401 27 years bostic: 4.4BSD snapshot (revision 8.1)