Name Revision Size Age Last Change
cat 69175 25 years mckusick: cross ref vai.1
chmod 66600 26 years bostic: setting errno and then not exiting isn't safe
cp 69112 25 years bostic: cp -R didn't work correctly for FIFO's (programmer head space error) From: "Charles M. Hannum" <m...
csh 69635 25 years christos: fix which /bin/csh returning .//bin/csh (adapted changes from the tcsh source)
date 68980 25 years bostic: POSIX.2 states that user-defined formats are always followed by a <newline> From: Charles Hannum ...
dd 66634 26 years pendry: add 1994 copyright
df 69301 25 years mckusick: update to reflect new -t syntax (same as mount)
echo 63986 27 years bostic: 4.4BSD snapshot (revision 8.1); add 1993 to copyright
ed 67457 26 years mckusick: delete decryption for the foreign sites (4.4BSD-Lite SPARC update)
expr 60682 27 years bostic: 4.4BSD snapshot (revision 8.1)
hostname 68982 25 years bostic: prettiness police From: Charles Hannum <mycroft@NetBSD.ORG>
kill 68983 25 years bostic: POSIX.2 compliance From: Charles Hannum <mycroft@NetBSD.ORG>
ln 66538 26 years bostic: minor wordsmithing
ls 69052 25 years bostic: add the -o option to the usage statement From: "Charles M. Hannum" <>
mkdir 65893 26 years bostic: add the -m (mode) flag, make it POSIX.2 compliant
mv 66627 26 years bostic: display the file modes, not just the octal value on overwrite new flags for cp
pax 66910 26 years bostic: spell
ps 68940 25 years bostic: don't add an extra space between the process's args and the parenthesized p_comm From: "Chris G. ...
pwd 68984 25 years bostic: getwd(3) is deprecated, and pwd(1) uses getcwd(3) internally anyway. From: Charles Hannum <mycrof...
rcp 66619 26 years pendry: prettyness police. avoid additional fork when doing local-local and remote-remote copies
rm 68969 25 years bostic: Correct test for return value of getopt(3). Don't prompt twice to remove a directory. Don't print...
rmail 69475 25 years eric: convert empty return path to <>; use -p instead of -oM
rmdir 66642 26 years pendry: add 1994 copyright
sh 69809 25 years christos: added string.h
sleep 66868 26 years bostic: typo
stty 68388 25 years dab: Fix f_extproc() routine so that it works.
sync 60724 27 years bostic: 4.4BSD snapshot (revision 8.1)
test 66643 26 years pendry: add 1994 copyright
Makefile 60727 201 27 years bostic: 4.4BSD snapshot (revision 8.1) 60728 58 27 years bostic: 4.4BSD snapshot (revision 8.1)