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You are reading the README file at the top level of the LLVM repository
(llvm-project).  This document will help you find your way around the 

The LLVM project is a collection of sub-projects relating to compiler 
technology. Each sub-project has its own repository module at the top level 
of this repository.

The main modules of the repository are:
  * java: The Java Front End
  * llvm: The LLVM Compiler Architecture
  * nightly-test-server: Server side scripts for the nightly tests
  * poolalloc: Pooled Allocation
  * stacker: The Stacker Language Front End<
  * television: An LLVM Visualiation Suite
  * test-suite: A Test Suite For LLVM

To view the contents of any module, use a URL in your web browser like this:{module}/trunk

and replace {module} with the module name from the list above.

Some Other Useful URLS

Please use the following URLs to discover more about the LLVM projects. You
can copy and paste these URLs into your browser.

    Main web site for all projects

  * (
    Documentation for the main llvm sub-project.

    Browse the latest revision of the source code in plain text (no frills).

    Browse any revision of the source code with lots of frills provided by