Name Revision Size Age Last Change
ae 235858 8 years ae: Test my account.
aleek 245291 7 years aleek: removed mutex from OMAP3 GPTimer driver
emc2 237877 8 years emc2: Very hard-won progress. Due to a bug in stdint.h, uint64_t (and by extension, UINT64) was being ...
exxo 240191 8 years exxo: Fix alignment issue and apply proper options for buildworld
gmiller 278263 5 years gmiller: Splitting lock profiling and userland witness code into separate branches and updating to newer h...
gpf 240588 7 years gpf: - add man page entries for new /sbin/pefs actions. - also, change the letters used for some optio...
jhagewood 240515 8 years jhagewood: completed zdiff
oleksandr 240301 8 years oleksandr: fix bug in readdir and add ifdef WRITE_SUPPORT
rudot 242521 7 years rudot: Make %cpu throttling fair.
scher 239033 8 years scher: [user_feedback] ")" simbol was missed in one echo command of ${_PROCESS_ACTIVE_BUILDS}
syuu 246360 7 years syuu: register copy bug fix, ignore vga ram mmap, try_boot fail handling
tzabal 244432 7 years tzabal: Workaround for the SMTP error (Connection rate limit exceeded): Created a GMail account for the p...
vbotton 239348 8 years vbotton: Add bootsector read, and VFS macros
vchan 239333 8 years vchan: map_name function no longer needed in main.c