Name Revision Size Age Last Change
ambarisha 257723 6 years ambarisha: Fixed some bugs in job migration and status dump
bguan 258290 6 years bguan: set the pipe methods for xen usb host controller, add copyright for part of the code that is copi...
ccqin 257398 6 years ccqin: Update ieee80211_sample and complete ieee80211_ratectl_none templete. * rename ieee80211_rc_sampl...
def 294759 4 years def: IFC@294754.
dpl 259257 6 years dpl: Make bsdiff allocate new.
iori 257754 6 years iori: last commit in SoC. PR: Add register test api (not working). If it works well, I can confirm th...
jmuniz 256294 7 years jmuniz: Updated task list in TODO to reflect documentation changes.
mattbw 257601 6 years mattbw: Update port with new master site and inlined plist.
mikema 257653 6 years mikema: gsoc project submission
oleksandr 257602 6 years oleksandr: update mount root vfs section
syuu 257792 6 years syuu: add combined-packet.c to Makefile
zcore 257934 6 years gavin: Fix copyright assignment. Approved by: Zhixiang Yu via email