Name Revision Size Age Last Change
aniketp 337227 2 years aniketp: Initial Commit
astarasikov 272615 6 years astarasikov: goldfish: working MMC and timer drivers, boots rootfs
dpl 274311 5 years dpl: Added the rule_macaddr2, rule_mac_type, rule_diverted, and rule_proto calls.
estaszuk 270074 6 years estaszuk: Adding build instructions
ghostmansd 273285 6 years ghostmansd: colldb, its manual page and some small fixes
kczekirda 292495 4 years kczekirda: bsdinstall fai init - rework of architecture
mihai 269607 6 years mihai: sys: amd64: vmm: add VMM_STAT counters for instruction caching
mikema 272611 6 years mikema: WIP snapshot for GSoC evaluation
op 273495 5 years op: SMAP: fix build world Signed-off-by: Oliver Pinter <> git: https://github....
pedrosouza 274638 5 years pedrosouza: Added proper kernel listing and menu skiping
seiya 272552 6 years seiya: tiny fix
shonali 272637 6 years shonali: Whitespace corrections
zkorchev 272604 6 years zkorchev: fixed configuration format keys